Our mission:

Empower people to do what they

thought impossible.

Our vision:

Arthur C. Clarke, a British author, famously said "technology is indistinguishable from magic." At Porter Software, we are helping bring that magic to more people. Ideas are the most powerful force in the universe, but so often an idea dies due to a lack of know-how to turn it into a reality. We work with passionate people to help transform ideas into technology products that solve real problems and deliver real value.

Example Projects

Real estate developers are constantly facing multi-million dollar decisions related to land acquisition. Up to now, they had only their intuition to make these critical determinations. A real estate entrepreneur and college professor came to us with the idea to build a tool to improve decision making. After initial customer discovery highlighted a real need in the market, we built a technology platform to enable real-time decision making using advanced data analysis. The tool is currently in beta testing at a major college campus with a planned rollout in the academia, government, and enterprise markets.

While taxes and accounting may not sound like the most glamorous subjects, the finances of large utility companies are crucial to maintaining life as we know it. We're working with a startup to help build the next generation tax and accounting software for utility companies. This startup was founded by a team with years of experience doing tax consulting for utility companies, and saw the opportunity in the market after hearing many customers complain about the lack of technology and innovation in the space. We're driving the development of multiple products to be brought to market.

With the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world, we knew we had to do something to help. We teamed up with another local startup to design and build a blockchain logistics platform to help deliver personal protective equipment to the healthcare professionals who needed it the most. With an initial version of a platform previously built, we deployed our user discovery process to gather invaluable market feedback from potential customers. That feedback became the basis of a pivot in the startup, and they were able to save immeasurable time and money by knowing their users before building a full platform.

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Our company was started with a simple idea: software is hard, and we wanted to make it easy. Our philosophy is that with both an understanding of business and technology, we can cut through the confusion that is the traditional software development model. By understanding potential users before we build software, we ensure we create solutions to real problems.