our mission.

help people do what they thought impossible.

our firm was started with a simple idea: business software is hard, and it should be easy. you opened a business because you love to do something. we want to help you do that. letting technology handle the little things is an easy way to gain hours back in your day. but how do you know where to begin? we stand ready to cut through the confusion. we are passionate about untangling the mystery!

our philosophy is that both an understanding of business and technology is needed to successfully solve software. we understand you can't simply abandon your current systems. completely new software is not always an option -- you have to refigure what you already have while also taking advantage of today's tech.


we use both packaged and custom solutions so you can do just that. we help you take advantage of software that can revolutionize your business. we connect legacy systems and processes to modernize tech even where you don't think it's possible.

we look forward to solving challenges together.

our founder grew up understanding business from day one. his parents own and operate a construction company, and he saw first hand how a lack of technical know-how can affect a small business. having been a sole proprietor himself in his teens, he wanted to help other entrepreneurs do more of what they love.

in today's day and age, using technology is no longer an option. to succeed, you must embrace the efficiency gains offered by modern systems. our founder learned that early as he moved up the ladder in the corporate software world.

but he saw a gap. there are a million apps on the market, yet something still keeps small business owners from adopting that tech -- there was something keeping his parents' company from using new software.


that missing element was an understanding of how to use technology to run the business more efficiently. so he founded porter software to bridge the divide between business and tech.

we look forward to solving challenges together.

our future is bright. we're doing more than just connecting existing systems. we recognize that despite the plethora of apps out there, gaps still exist in the market. we stand ready to fill those voids.

we invest heavily in product development to bring the next generation of business technology to the world. connecting systems is what we do, and we've built a platform to make that easier.

at its core, all software is the same. you intake data, you do something with that data, and you displaying that data in a way that people can understand. if that's true, then why are there only two options -- either prebuilt software that forces you to choose from a list of features, or custom software that takes years to develop?

our platform solves that conundrum. we make it possible to build any piece of software you need, with whatever features you want, without the years of custom coding. how is that possible?

ask us.

we look forward to solving challenges together.

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