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We are a boutique solution development firm specializing in niche, highly complex, technical industries, with a heavy focus on supply chain

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We design, research, develop, market, and maintain both cloud-based and on-premise custom software, as well as tailor-made websites, for companies small and large.
Our unique combination of customer discovery and software development means we gain a better understanding of business requirements.
And we can produce more effective solutions faster than anyone else.
Our vision

Arthur C. Clarke, a British author, famously said "technology is indistinguishable from magic." At Porter Software, we are helping bring that magic to more people. Ideas are the most powerful force in the universe, but so often an idea dies due to a lack of know-how to turn it into a reality. We work with passionate people to help transform ideas into technology products that solve real problems and deliver real value.

Our products


REDC, the Real Estate Development Calculator, is a tool to help real estate developers, planners, and students better understand potential real estate deals. Designed and developed in partnership with Richport Properties, a construction and development firm with over four decades of experience, REDC is used to model real estate projects on financial and regulatory metrics.

Client projects

Custom ERP Design

We partnered with one of the largest food, beverage, and CPG distributors in the country to help design and develop a portion of a custom ERP system they are building. We were specifically tapped to work on the inventory management module of the new system, working directly with decision makers to architect a solution that meets all of their business requirements. Our unique position of both deep domain expertise paired with our technical know-how aligned Porter Software perfectly with the goals of the client, and allowed us to succeed where others fell short.

Tax Software Platform Development

The taxes of large utility companies are nuanced and highly complex, with layer upon layer of functional requirements. We became a technical extension of another startup to build the next generation tax and accounting software for these utility companies. This startup was founded by a team with years of experience doing tax consulting for regulated companies, and saw an opportunity in the market after hearing many customers complain about the lack of technology and innovation in the space. We're driving the development of multiple software products for this startup.

Blockchain Logistics System Design

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, we knew we had to do something to help. We teamed up with another startup to design and build a blockchain logistics platform to help deliver personal protective equipment to healthcare professionals. With an prototype version of a platform already built, we deployed our user discovery process to gather invaluable market feedback from potential customers. That feedback became the basis of a pivot for our partner startup, and they were able to save immeasurable time and money by more intimately knowing their users.

Company and Product Website Creation

When building software, one of the ongoing challenges is getting people to use your technology. In today's day and age, getting the word out about your product always involves a public website, to educate prospects and drive customers through your sales funnel. As experts in custom website development, we have built numerous websites for both products as well as client companies. We go beyond basic templates, and build full-fledged sites tailored specifically to your business needs. Due to our agile driven approach, we are effectively able to design customer stories to drive more people to your products and services. Plus we can handle complex integrations with tools like Slack, Shopify, Google Drive, and any internal tools you already use.

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