How? We talk to users before we code.

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Traditional software development is broken

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Take Quibi for example...

Quibi, an online video streaming platform, was started by the co-founder of DreamWorks and raised almost $2 billion in venture capital

After launching, Quibi had less than 10% of the number of signups as rival platform Disney+, and only 8% of those signups converted to customers

So what was the problem?

According to The Verge's Julia Alexander, "Quibi isn’t something people need, and it doesn’t appear to be something they want, either."

They built a product before they asked

"Will anyone actually use this?"

We take a different approach

Software development is expensive!

So why build an app before you know if anyone will use it?

We validate the problem before we start coding


Problem Validation


Market Research

We work with you to develop a cohesive product vision and create a business model hypothesis


Solution Prototyping


Customer Testing

Then we test those assumptions with real potential customers by creating models to validate the solution


Full Product Build


Scalable Deployment

Only then do we start writing code to build a product that solves the problem for the customers we've found

We're more than just code monkeys!

We work with you to transform your idea into a technology product

Plus we can handle all the other aspects of launching a new product

Websites &

Landing Pages

Customer Service Automation

Payment Process & Invoicing

Infrastructure Management

Custom Domains & Email Addresses

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Workforce Collaboration

Documentation & Self-Help Portal

Social Media Management

Blog & Copy Content Creation

Lead & Customer Tracking

Legacy System Integrations

We are your one stop shop

Serving customers across industries

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