Test Your Solution

Once we know there are users with a real need, next we need to validate the solution addresses that need. Let our team help show you the way!

Experiment Design

Prototype Creation



Q: Why do we show the solution early?

A: You never know exactly how people will use the product. The insights can be invaluable.

Think about it.

Take Instagram for example...

Instagram began life as Burbn, a check-in app that allow users to share their location with friends. Created by college friends Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, they originally released a prototype of the app to their friends.

"But they struggled to push Burbn beyond 80 users. And most of those 80 users were their friends." But they used that early feedback to identify the three most popular features, and decided to focus on just one.

The insights from early users were the key.

It was because they quickly got an early prototype in front of users that they could see check-in's weren't the solution.


Without that feedback, they probably would have continued to work on a problem that no one really cared about. At the time, in 2010, check-in apps were already old news, and users didn't need another one.

The best piece of user feedback came from Kevin's wife.

Quoting Kevin: She said "I don’t think I’m going to ever use this app." I was like, "Why not?" She’s like, "Well, my photos aren’t good." And I was like, "Well, that’s fine. You can post photos. It’ll be good."


So she goes, "Well, they’re not as good as your friend Greg’s." I was like, "Well, Greg filters all his photos." And she looks at me and she’s like, "Well, you should add filters then." And hence, Instagram Filters were born. This small insight has been attributed as a key reason why Instagram succeeded.

During this phase, we will work with you to create...

Product Prototypes

Solution Presentations

User ROI Justification

User Interview Reports

Product/Market Fit Verification

Business Model Validation


Acquisition Plan

Success Metrics Tools


Action Plan

Solution Optimizations

Updated Roadmaps

Product Positioning