Porter Software Teams Up With Local Startup to Join the COVID-19 Relief Effort

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Atlanta: Porter Software is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic by teaming up with a local startup that helps provide lifesaving medical devices to the front-line healthcare professionals who need them the most.

HyperClear is a blockchain platform that connects manufacturers and distributors with hospitals and healthcare organizations by tracking medical devices throughout the supply chain to ensure regulatory compliance and safety for the end user. In a disconnected, ever changing global supply network, HyperClear provides a simple way for organizations to exchange data in a trustworthy environment.

The HyperClear platform is designed to integrate with external systems to validate medical device information, and then store relevant movement and supply chain data on a secure blockchain. Currently undergoing beta testing, HyperClear is built on AWS and can be easily implemented for any size organization.

Porter Software is providing our full suite of services to assist with the HyperClear rollout and launch. From website building and content marketing to software development and customer support management, our team is doing everything we can to beat this pandemic. Our amazing humans are doing our part to help provide healthcare workers the protective equipment they need.

Do you need help with your new software initiative? Whether it's building your website or coding your new application, Porter Software has a team that can meet your every need. Contact us today for more information.

For additional details about HyperClear and to request access to the beta test, visit www.hyper-clear.com.



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