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once you've got the basics taken care of and your business is getting off the ground, the number of customers you serve will start to grow. keeping up with current and past customers is vital. we help recommend and implement leading customer relationship management (crm) tools.

not only will your number of customers begin to increase, but your team may begin to grow as well. as you hire employees, being able to simply and easily communicate with them make business go much smoother. we will set you up on best of breed communication and messaging tools.

now that you can communicate with each other, it's time to get to work! how will you keep up with what everyone is working on? gone are the days of daily status meetings -- let us set up a dedicated task management system to keep up with your company's work for you.

there are a multitude of applications designed to help your team work together. maybe you need a way to whiteboard ideas? or a space to collaborate on a design initiative? perhaps you just need to host video conference calls? we can suggest and install the best systems to help with your specific business needs.

often forgotten until it's too late, having systems to back up your data can be a lifesaver. the time when you spill coffee on the one computer you have that runs all transactions is not the time to be wondering how to recover. let us set up systems that will automatically get you back up and running in no time in the event of something catastrophic.

do you need to buy hardware for your business? maybe point of sale terminals and credit card readers, or perhaps just basic laptops for your team? our experts have the knowledge and experience to recommend the right hardware your business needs -- and we can help you buy it too.

one of the more challenging aspects of running a business is not letting the small things fall through the cracks as you grow. with more and more business, you become increasingly busy. let us worry about keeping your website up to date and relevant. we can also publish content to your blog and social media to keep your customer base engaged.

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