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There are many aspects to launching a new product besides just the software. Instead of managing multiple firms, each working on a different piece of the puzzle, we can do it all. We are the only partner you need to bring your concept into reality!

Managing multiple firms = chaos for you

Traditionally, there are separate companies responsible for software development, marketing/advertising, social media, customer service - the list goes on. The old way of thinking has every aspect of the project handled by a different company.


But that never ends well. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, 60% to 70% of the time projects fail when multiple companies are working on them. Why add that extra risk of failure?!

Instead, find one firm that can do it all.

(Hint: if you haven't already guessed, we can be that firm!)

In fact, MIT's Sloan Management Review thinks companies that use what they call the "one-firm firm model" are more successful at completing projects than multiple companies working together.

In addition to building software, we can help you with...

Websites & Landing Pages

In today's day and age, every product needs a website to describe what it is that product offers. Whether that's a public website or internal just for your company's users, we can work with you to design and build a stunning website.

The easiest way to add credibility to your new product is a professional domain name (i.e. URL) and custom email addresses to match. We can manage the entire process, from finding and registering the domain, to maintaining your email addresses.

Custom Domains & Email Addresses

Social Media Management

Many users will turn to social media as a way to connect with your product and to reach out for help and support. We can handle everything from setting up your accounts, to regularly posting and replying to keep your product present on social media.

Most users say the way their issues are handled makes or breaks their experience with a new product. We can use a variety of tools to automate the support process, making your users feel cared for and making it easy to address their concerns and problems.

Customer Service Automation

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Chances are you've seen ads on popular online platforms like Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Have you ever wondered how to set those up? Better yet, what to even put in an online ad for your product? We can do all of that for you! No need to do it yourself.

The words (or "copy") you use on your website, blog, ads, and social media accounts are as important as the visuals. Can people quickly understand what your product does? We have professional writers that can create this content for your product.

Blog & Copy Content Creation

Payment Processing & Invoicing

Getting paid is the best part. A user has said they will pay for your product or service, but now how do you collect their money? We can set up and manage all the systems you need to accept credit cards or send email invoices, virtually or in-person.

Keeping a team aligned and easily communicating can be quite the challenge. Whether it's just you communicating with our team, or your own internal team, we can set up tools to easy track tasks, assign work, and communicate effectively.

Workforce Collaboration

Leads & Customer Tracking

Keeping track of all the people using your product can be challenging, but it's critical to understand your users. We can set up systems to analyze user behavior in your product, as well as systems that track customers through the sales funnel.

Facebook's developer's motto is "move fast with stable infrastructure". Even a company notorious for deploying changes quickly understands the need to solid infrastructure. We can manage all the underlying servers to keep your product running.

Infrastructure Management

Documentation & Self-Help Portal

Sometimes the easiest way to deal with user issues is to give your users a place to find the answers on their own. Most users would actually prefer to find the answer themselves. We can write your documentation and set up a portal for users to find answers.

Often times, it's difficult if not impossible to completely abandon existing technology. Whether it's for your or your users, we can use numerous tools and packaged systems to connect your new product to existing tech, streamlining user adoption.

Legacy System Integrations